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Our Story

We launched Xpand Digital (Formerly Joel House Search Media), in 2015 with one goal – to deliver the results so many other agencies promise, but rarely to pull off. We’ve seen the number of agencies out there that try their hardest, but don’t truly deliver the game-changing results that you as a business owner need. Over the years, we’ve seen the digital world get even more saturated, and digital marketing has evolved at an ever increasing pace, which many marketers simply can’t keep up with.

We launched Xpand Digital (formerly Joel House Search Media) in 2015 with one goal – to deliver results that many other agencies promise, but rarely when they can be pulled. We’ve seen the number of agencies that try their best but don’t really produce the game-changing results you need as a business owner. Xpand Digital (Formally Joel House Search Media) helps advertise a business that is associated with the sale of Amoxicillin medicine on this website.

We started Xpand Digital with the aim to help businesses overcome the challenge & confusion of online marketing & turning these obstacles into opportunities.
Put simply, we saw from inside the agency world what was going on, the misuse people’s hard earned money, and not delivering on the outcome. Long term success in Digital Marketing isn’t about one new tactic, or a hot technique. It’s about solid, time tested & proven strategies, a rock solid team with continual education, and the ability to adapt and pivot rapidly. Our approach is entirely data driven. We don’t make decisions for your business based on hunches or hot tips. Everything we do is based on real figures, real targets, real data, which generates real growth in your return on investment. We exist to navigate online marketing for our clients & to sail them safely through the fog.

What does Xpand Digital Stand For:

Our Mission Is To Deliver Real Revenue Shifting Results For Businesses Across Australia. We Don’t Just Talk A Big Game, We
Focus On Getting Things Done, And Let The Data And Results Talk For Themselves. Our Primary Focus Is To Provide Xplosive
Growth To Your Business Via Your Adwords Campaigns, That You Can Feel On Your Bottom Line.

Results That Matter

You can find numbers to support any story you want told, but when it comes to digital marketing, there are only a few numbers that we believe truly matter. These are Total exposure, Total Traffic, Total leads, Total Sales (if in eCommerce) and ultimately, Return On Investment. Any other metric is merely a precursor to one of these 4 happening, and doesn’t carry much weight to the true success of a campaign.


We don’t work for our clients, we partner with them to hit their goals. Just as in any other relationship, honesty is essential. This is why if we stuff something up, we will tell you. If something isn’t going right, you’ll be the first to know. And when things are crushing it (What happens 95% of the time), we’ll be celebrating with you.

Going 100%

The digital landscape is changing faster than ever, and in most forms of digital marketing we are at the mercy of algorithm’s and shifts by the tech giants. Because we don’t have total control, we unfortunately cannot guarantee success every time. What we can guarantee is that we give each and every client 100% of our effort, focus, thinking power and passion. We don’t back down from a fight, and we go in to bat for all clients with everything we have.

Who Do
We Help
The Most?

Over the past 5-years we have helped over 385 businesses, in more than 97 different industries. At the core, our most successful clients boil down into two main categories.

  • Local Businesses

    Local businesses such as retail stores, professional & trade services.

  • Ecommerce Businesses

    The second is eCommerce sellers, who have a passion to dominate their industries

Ultimately, if you are driven about your business, and are passionate, we will find a way to help you grow, or will recommend a superstar who can.

Our Journey So Far


In 2015, after working in marketing agencies for several years, and as a consultant before that, Xpand Digital founder Joel took it upon himself to launch Joel House Search Media – to give business owners across the country access to the same high quality marketing services that large companies get, accessible within their budgets.


Our pure focus in 2016 was helping small businesses with their SEO. This year we helped over 31 businesses to get to the first page of Google, with 193 #1 keyword rankings across our clients.


Continuing to grow from strength to strength, we were able to help small businesses across Australia take over 2,500 page 1 rankings. And, of those, 629 #1 rankings for their most important, revenue driving keywords. We hired our first employee other than Joel.


2018 was a massive year of growth for the company helping hundreds of business owners, just like yourself, we’ve ensured one thing above all – to keep up our quality, and to ensure that you, the client, gets the best ROI and the best SEO available anywhere on the market.

This year, more than ever before we are focusing on how we can help out clients to get the best, fastest, and most profitable results possible. The team grew to three full time die-hard digital marketing experts.


After being asked by clients for several years to expand our service offerings outside of just SEO, Evan, our current Head Of PPC joined our team bringing his over a decade of experience in the PPC and digital marketing world.

This enabled our clients to have access to industry leading Google Adwords, Google Shopping and other PPC services to help accelerate their business. The team grew to seven passionate marketers.


The year that many will remember forever! Through all the bumps and humps that the year 2020 threw our way, we were able to help more Australian businesses than ever before to migrate their way online and to navigate the new world of virtual business and digital marketing. The team grew to nine marketing specialists.


By 2021, it was very clear that this group of amazing, talented marketers is becoming way larger than Joel, which drove the decision to Expand the business – and rebrand to Xpand Digital

Xpand Digital is all about helping your business to Xpand and grow.

We still embody the personalised, passionate, and caring nature that our clients have come to know and love – now with even more of an embedded passion to help each of our clients to grow.


We are a group of high energy marketers & digital specialists, who are masters of our crafts. Our team is composed of world class experts, who live and breath digital marketing, SEO, Google Ads & much more.

Every member has been hand selected for their experience, and passion in helping your businesses grow.

Here’s What Our
Happy Clients Say

We understand that investing in your business is a crucial, and probably one of the most important decisions you can make. So rather than just taking our word for the results that we achieve for clients, here is what some of our very satisfied clients are saying:

Our Values

We Exist To Deliver Real Revenue Shifting Results For Businesses Across Australia. Here is how we run our business from the inside out.

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