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Welcome to Xpand Digital, where your growth is our priority.

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency who bases their strategies on data and proof, and who has earned their stripes over the last 6-years, then you’re in the right place.

Here at Xpand Digital, we are a passionate team of hand picked, world class digital marketers who live and breathe digital marketing. Our passion is helping your business grow.

Digital Marketing
Changes Quickly,
And Constantly.

This is why our dedicated R&D team are constantly testing and refining the best strategies to handle the complexities of your online marketing needs. This frees you up to focus on running your businesses knowing that this crucial element is in the best hands.

There are LOTS of elements that go into a world-class digital strategy. The right eye-balls on your brand, building exposure & skyrocketing your growth. We translate the jargon and help you understand it all. Total transparency & Xplosive results!

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Our Expertise:

Our only focus is in digital marketing, which translates to impressive results for your business. While other agencies offer everything from graphic design to website development & business card printing, we
focus on a handful of things, and do them extremely well!


More Traffic

Traffic is the oxygen for any digital marketing campaign. With no traffic or exposure, your website will suffocate before it even has a chance to convert visitors into leads. By leveraging multiple traffic sources, we make all roads online end at your business. SEO, PPC, Maps & Social are all powerful when used on their own, but compound rapidly when combined. Let us create you a custom, 9-month strategy for free when you claim your Free Xpansion pack.


More Leads

Keep your sales team flat out with more phone calls, enquiry form submissions, emails, text messages & Live Chat enquiries than ever before. Won’t don’t only attract more traffic, we drive the hungry, ready to buy now customers to your business, to increase your leadflow dramatically.


More Revenue

Lets face it, every other metric is really a precursor to one thing – Revenue. We craft all of our marketing strategies with this soul goal in mind. We carefully comb through the data to find the untapped opportunities to drive more revenue to your business.

What We Stand For:

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One Team,
One Mission.

We all know that Digital Marketing is essential in this modern day, however it can be a confusing mindfield for most.

We started Xpand Digital in 2015 with the aim to help businesses overcome the challenge & confusion of online marketing & turning these obstacles into opportunities.

Our Core Services


Dominate the search engine rankings & flood your website with targeted traffic looking to buy now! We’ve been widely regarded as the nation’s
leading SEO agency for the past 5 years!


Management: Get a rapid influx of leads and sales by leveraging Google Adwords. Our ad management practices focus on the highest return on your advertising dollar in the industry.

Google Maps

Get found by customers in your local area with advanced Google Maps management. 74% of people who find a business in maps contact or visit them within 24-hours!

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. The only thing that is a must for our clients, is that they have a hunger to grow. If our team are going to dedicate their time towards your campaign, we want you to be as excited to grow as we are to help you.

Do we ever! How about the time that we grew online sales by 140% YOY for Babyhood. Or perhaps the time that we increased website traffic by 700% for Australian Immigration Agency. Or maybe that time we hit things out of the park and XPLODED the traffic by over 1300% for CLIENTNAME>

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