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We Specialise in Digital Marketing That Drives Revenue For eCommerce Businesses

Our team has an average of 11-years experience each in helping eCommerce stores to grow their sales, boost ROAS & dominate their industries.

Are you looking for eCommerce Marketing services that deliver revenue shifting results?

Successfully creating and executing eCommerce marketing campaigns requires a unique and specialised skill set that differs dramatically from traditional businesses.

Here at Xpand Digital, we have created a predictable, consistent and multi-leg 5-step system to Xplode your traffic & sales.

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Introducing our eCommerce
Xcelerator System

Google Ads, you’ve probably tried it, and it probably wasn’t done the way eCommerce Adwords needs to be run. Most agencies or marketing companies are good at doing normal Adwords management, but there is a vast difference between getting clicks, and transforming them into sales.

Our PPC team are specialists at maximising your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), so that every dollar you spend, multiples before returning to you. In fact, we haven’t found an eCommerce Google Ads campaign yet that our team hasn’t been able to increase the ROI while also scaling the sales.

Google Ads is the first step in our eCommerce Growth Strategy, because it enables your business to get new sales moving quickly, while also making your money work for you better.

However, just like a table with one leg, if you rely on just Google Ads alone, your business won’t be stable, which is why we have carefully crafted these 5-steps to work together.

Google Shopping is a gold mine for eCommerce stores – when done right! 

If you are looking to grow the eCommerce side of your business, you have come to the right place. Not only will we optimize your product listings, but we also scale for revenue. 

Additional to your products feeds we can also set up dynamic targeting feeds for dynamic product retargeting. This allows you to target abandoned carts and to recapture lost revenue. We don’t just focus on traffic, but in scaling your return on advertising spend so that you have a consistent revenue generating machine.

Did you know that search engines drive more than ten times the traffic to eCommerce sites than social media does? Or that globally, 39% of all eCommerce traffic originates from search engines like Google?

Needless to say, Google holds the key to the vault when it comes to eCommerce growth. When executed by our team, who have helped generate tens of millions of dollars in sales via eCommerce SEO, it is not only an important leg to our strategy, but an essential one!

We delve deep to find the hidden gems & gold nuggets that your competition is simply overlooking to grow your traffic and sales fast. Most SEO’s just look at which keywords have the highest traffic, however we look one step deeper, and find the terms that term into the most dollars in your bank account.

Chances are you’ve come across remarketing before. You may have even seen our own ads which lead you back to this page, and it was by the wonders of remarketing. Remarketing is an extremely popular way to re-engage with visitors. If we are able to get you back to our site through the use of remarketing, just imagine what we could do for your business.

The profitable impact that our re-marketing campaigns will have on your business is incredible. Through the use of the Google Display Network, when the services and products you offer are searched online, customers are then recorded into an audience. We then offer targeted advertisements focusing on your products and services at the right time, helping to turn your business into a revenue-generating machine.

Did you know that Amazon Australia is the fastest growing company in the country, grossing over $1 billion in sales last year? This is a new record for growth with no other company in history growing this fast. This shows that Australians are adopting the marketplace as a convenient, quick and reliable place to shop, and right now, it’s un-tapped by sellers.

Not all businesses are ready for this level of expansion, however once you have built the first four steps well, this area of the eCommerce ecosystem holds massive potential to get in early and establish your dominance before the industry catches up.

By utilising industry leading Amazon PPC techniques, listing optimization and amazon SEO, we’re able to launch you quickly, and keep things growing month on month.

3-Step Action Plan

For every campaign, every business and every client we work
with, we work through three steps in order to ensure you get the
revenue-shifting results that you are after.

It’s impossible to hit your goals unless you know where you truly are starting on the map. Before we work with any website or business, we first undertake a deep assessment of where you currently are. Our team will go through your website, current digital marketing & goals with a fine tooth comb so us, and you, know exactly where you are, so we can take you to where you want to go.

Once we know the lay of the land, and what you want to achieve, our strategy team will then carefully plan out the road to getting you there. This will include a multi-channel marketing plan to stabilise and accelerate your results.

Once you have joined our tight knit family, and we are working together, we’ll then ferociously execute upon the strategy. We take no prisoners and pull no punches when it comes to getting results. Execution is an on-going process, and not something where it is complete in 3-months and then you’re done. We are partners in your growth and success for the long term.

What does Xpand Digital Stand For:

Our Mission Is To Deliver Real Revenue Shifting Results For Businesses Across Australia. We Don’t Just Talk A Big Game, We
Focus On Getting Things Done, And Let The Data And Results Talk For Themselves. Our Primary Focus Is To Provide Xplosive
Growth To Your Business Via Your Digital Marketing Campaigns, That You Can Feel On Your Bottom Line.

Results That Matter

You can find numbers to support any story you want told, but when it comes to digital marketing, there are only a few numbers that we believe truly matter. These are Total exposure, Total Traffic, Total leads, Total Sales (if in eCommerce) and ultimately, Return On Investment. Any other metric is merely a precursor to one of these 4 happening, and doesn’t carry much weight to the true success of a campaign.


We don’t work for our clients, we partner with them to hit their goals. Just as in any other relationship, honesty is essential. This is why if we stuff something up, we will tell you. If something isn’t going right, you’ll be the first to know. And when things are crushing it (What happens 95% of the time), we’ll be celebrating with you.

Going 100%

The digital landscape is changing faster than ever, and in most forms of digital marketing we are at the mercy of algorithm’s and shifts by the tech giants. Because we don’t have total control, we unfortunately cannot guarantee success every time. What we can guarantee is that we give each and every client 100% of our effort, focus, thinking power and passion. We don’t back down from a fight, and we go in to bat for all clients with everything we have.

Here’s What Our
Happy Clients Say

We understand that investing in your business is a crucial, and probably one of the most important decisions you can make. So rather than just taking our word for the results that we achieve for clients, here is what some of our very satisfied clients are saying:

No Jargon, Just Results… Using time tested strategies

Case Studies

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Business Mastery

E-commerce is one of the only systems you can use to make money online that is truly long-lasting and sustainable, and, in a profitable niche, can keep making you money for many years to come. Kick start your eCommerce mastery with our FREE ebook! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our eCommerce Xcelerator is the most powerful, proven system for growing eCommerce sales with predictability & with rapid results. It’s been perfectly created to provide the perfect blend of scalable paid advertising, visitor maximisation along with organic exposure.

Our eCommerce Xcelerator System is like building a table with 5 legs – its stable, strong and is nearly impossible to knock over. Choosing just one marketing method is like a 1-legged table – its very unstable and can fall with even the smallest breeze.

Yes we do indeed! Click here to read about BabyHood, or perhaps Here to read about Wholesale Wedding Superstore, or here to read all of our case studies.

Our eCommerce Xcelerator packages are designed for businesses who are already established and are looking to scale their sales fast. If your business isn’t running smoothly this Done For You package may not be the best place to start. Instead, Xpand Education is your best bet.

eCommerce marketing is a very specific style of digital marketing. Just like in medicine where there are numerous specialties, you want to work with a company who specialises in your industry. If you want heart surgery, you don’t go to a GP.

Combined our team have over three decades experience in working in, with, owning and growing eCommerce businesses. Some of our team own their own eCommerce businesses, others have worked in publicly traded eCommerce companies, and some in companies across 4 continents. Our experience is vast, which has all cumulated in the creation of the eCommerce Xcelerator System.

Free Digital Marketing Audit

Do you know how your current digital marketing strategy is really working? It might be doing great, or, in most cases, it’s under underperforming and there are areas of improvement that you don’t even know exist. In Your free Xpansion Plan, our team will spend hours deep diving into your current marketing strategy, to give you a second opinion, and tips on how you can improve it.