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Grow Your Online Dominance With World Class Adwords Management in Perth

Are you looking for Adwords Management services in Perth that deliver revenue shifting results?

Do you want to work with a Perth PPC Agency that looks beyond clicks, and approaches your business growth holistically?

Are you ready for advanced Pay-Per-Click Advertising in Perth that will truly move the needle?

If so, then you are in the right place. Here at Xpand Digital, we craft each Adwords Campaign to suit your business, and to put you in front of your ideal audience so you generate more leads & sales.

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Google AdWords is a platform for ‘pay per click’ advertising. If you have some experience in online marketing or running your own website, you may have heard of this term before. Pay per click (or PPC for short) is an online advertising method that allows you to bid against other websites to purchase visitors to your website from other websites that already attract a lot of visitors. Websites such as search engines like Google.

Google searches have set positions aside on search results pages that bypasses Google’s algorithm for ranking websites. It’s essentially a paid shortcut to get to you at the top of search results. By bidding for a set ‘pay per click’ you can effectively buy your way to the top of the page.

You would have seen Google AdWords when browsing throughout websites yourself. Advertisements are displayed in pre-defined placements on Google search results, above ‘organic’ search results and also at the bottom of the search results page.

When someone performs a search on Google your advertisements go into an auction to compete for these placements. If a potential customer clicks on your search advertisement, your Google Ads account is then debited the agreed bid amount and Google directs the visitor to your website.

Another factor at play in the auction is called ‘quality score’ which helps Google determine high quality ads to ensure a good user search experience. This quality score considers the landing page experience, the click through rate of the search advertisement and the agreed bid for that search term. This evens out competition and allows accounts with smaller budgets to compete effectively against bigger companies. An understanding of how budget and search experience works together are key drivers of a successful Google AdWords account. Unlike other agencies that just promise high volumes of traffic, we focus on what matters – quality visitors that turn into paying customers so you get the most from your ad spend.

The final result of our high performance Adwords campaign is a consistent flow of clicks, leads and sales.

3-Step Action Plan

For every campaign, every business and every client we work
with, we work through three steps in order to ensure you get the
revenue-shifting results that you are after.

It’s impossible to hit your goals unless you know where you truly are starting on the map. Before we work with any website or business, we first undertake a deep assessment of where you currently are. Our team will go through your website, current digital marketing & goals with a fine tooth comb so us, and you, know exactly where you are, so we can take you to where you want to go.

Once we know the lay of the land, and what you want to achieve, our strategy team will then carefully plan out the road to getting you there. This will include a multi-channel marketing plan to stabilise and accelerate your results!

Once you have joined our tight knit family, and we are working together, we’ll then ferociously execute upon the strategy. We take no prisoners and pull no punches when it comes to getting results. Execution is an on-going process, and not something where it is complete in 3-months and then you’re done. We are partners in your growth and success for the long term.

If you’d like to speak with our team and start Xpanding your business today, book a call below.

What does Xpand Digital Stand For:

Our Mission Is To Deliver Real Revenue Shifting Results For Businesses Across Australia. We Don’t Just Talk A Big Game, We
Focus On Getting Things Done, And Let The Data And Results Talk For Themselves. Our Primary Focus Is To Provide Xplosive
Growth To Your Business Via Your Adwords Campaigns, That You Can Feel On Your Bottom Line.

Results That Matter

You can find numbers to support any story you want told, but when it comes to digital marketing, there are only a few numbers that we believe truly matter. These are Total exposure, Total Traffic, Total leads, Total Sales (if in eCommerce) and ultimately, Return On Investment. Any other metric is merely a precursor to one of these 4 happening, and doesn’t carry much weight to the true success of a campaign.


We don’t work for our clients, we partner with them to hit their goals. Just as in any other relationship, honesty is essential. This is why if we stuff something up, we will tell you. If something isn’t going right, you’ll be the first to know. And when things are crushing it (What happens 95% of the time), we’ll be celebrating with you.

Going 100%

The digital landscape is changing faster than ever, and in most forms of digital marketing we are at the mercy of algorithm’s and shifts by the tech giants. Because we don’t have total control, we unfortunately cannot guarantee success every time. What we can guarantee is that we give each and every client 100% of our effort, focus, thinking power and passion. We don’t back down from a fight, and we go in to bat for all clients with everything we have.

No Jargon, Just Results… Using time tested strategies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Google AdWords has been a platform of choice for many businesses due to the amazing outcomes it can deliver, for new or established businesses at a low cost. AdWords is highly visible, helping not only your brand exposure but also generates traffic that are highly targeted consumers who are ready to buy.

People who land on your website from Google AdWords are 50% more likely to buy something than those who click through organic search rankings. Also around 2 in 3 people who are searching for products are ready for purchase and will click on the paid ads. Your branding can also benefit as well, with studies showing that Google AdWords can improve brand awareness by 80%.

Google AdWords is great for all business types and sizes. Even if your PPC account is delivering good results, improving metrics such as the click through rate or lowering the average cost per click can create some amazing outcomes. There are always opportunities to optimize your PPC account.

PPC is something that can be mastered in a small amount of time and can be quite overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing. You need to rely on specialists, qualified in Google AdWords that can shape and refine targeted campaigns that zero in on people who have their credit card waiting in hand.

At Xpand Digital, we go above and beyond the basics of managing Google Ads with every account. We make sure that the whole search experience is relevant. From your landing pages to our killer ad copy and design. We monitor your metrics to deliver time and time again on your google AdWords advertising spend.

You may be after a simple answer, but the reality is that Google AdWords management costs vary based on your business goals and industry.

With Pay Per Click, you have to spend money to make money and each industry’s costs vary. Rather than seeing Google AdWords as an expense, you need to look at it as an investment. Think of it as building a money-making machine. Focusing on every dollar spent and how much of a return that dollar will return.

The more you spend on AdWords advertising, the more you will need to spend on management. This is because a higher spend requires more time to effectively spend it. You wouldn’t expect to pay the same management fee if you’re spending only $1000 compared to a client spending $30,000.

Our advice when comparing AdWords management fees between agencies, is to take the time to understand what those fees include. Other Agencies may be cheaper, but they include less time managing your account. Usually managed as well by inexperienced account managers who are not certified In Google Ads, or worse, outsourced overseas to a third-party management company.

At Xpand Digital we aim to provide a high quality PPC management service. We have a decade worth of combined experience in managing profitable Google AdWords accounts. We all hold current Google Ads certification and keep up with Google’s guidelines and best practices.

Pay Per Click is more time consuming than most business owners realize. Results come faster than SEO but it requires a large amount of time to get it right. If you feel that your Google Ads account is under performing, reach out to us today for a free account audit.

We happily work with any business size to help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re a start-up, small business or large multinational enterprise, we are more than happy to assist with our Google Ads management service.

We can take over an existing Google Ads account, however we provide a full analysis and audit on all accounts before taking them on. We carefully analyse the set up and the past accounts performance. Depending on the audit results, we may need to change the structure so that the account can achieve the best results possible. On a case per case basis we will provide whether a rebuild would be in order or if a minor restructure is required.

Simply fill out the form below and one of our consultants will reach out to you. From there we will request access to your existing account or if this is the first time you are doing Google Ads, we will provide you with a run down of the opportunity Google Ads can provide for your business.

Do we ever! How about the time that we grew online sales by XYZ for Babyhood. Or perhaps the time that we increased website traffic by 700% for Australian Immigration Agency. Or maybe that time we hit things out of the park and XPLODED the traffic by over 1300% for CLIENTNAME>

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