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Dear Savvy Business Owner,


If you’ve ever muttered, “I just wish I could get more leads from Google without spending a fortune on ads,” then you’re in the right place at the right time.


Let me ask you something…


Have you noticed how local businesses – some of which might be your competitors – are effortlessly appearing at the top of Google when locals search? They’re not spending a penny on advertising. Instead, they’re using the sheer power of their **Google My Business (GMB) listing**.


In a moment, I’ll share a *little-known secret* about these top-ranking businesses, and how you, too, can achieve similar results.


The Power of Prime Real Estate on Google


Imagine you own a piece of prime real estate right at the entrance of a busy shopping mall. How would it change your business?


Now, let’s switch gears. Imagine your business appearing at the top when someone searches for your service on Google. That’s prime digital real estate! And it can be yours.


Why Local Xpansion?


But, here’s the thing – to claim this prime spot, your GMB needs to be optimized, regularly updated, and managed in a specific way. That’s where we come in with **Local Xpansion**.


Our expertise is to make your GMB not only shine but DOMINATE. We’ve cracked the code and have helped countless businesses climb the ranks and solidify their presence at the top of Google. The results? More visibility, more foot traffic, more calls, and ultimately, more sales.


A Deal You Can’t Refuse


Now, I know you might be skeptical. That’s why I’m going to make you an offer that’s as close to “free” as it can get.


**Your first month with Local Xpansion? Just $7.** Yes, you read that right. For the price of a fancy coffee, you can test drive our services. Experience the power of optimized GMB listings and watch your leads multiply.


Considering our services are regularly priced at a substantial $900/month (and rightly so, given the returns we generate), this $7 offer is a steal.


Why Are We Doing This?


Dan Kennedy always said, “A business must be marketed aggressively and with ambition.” So, we’re putting our money where our mouth is. We’re so confident in our ability to skyrocket your GMB listing that we’re giving you a chance to see results almost risk-free.


Your Local Competition is Not Waiting


Every day you wait, your competition might be getting ahead. The digital landscape is crowded, and the early bird truly gets the worm. 


If you’ve ever wished to rank higher, grab more leads, and drive exponential business growth without draining your wallet on ads, **Local Xpansion** is your golden ticket.


Act Fast. This Won’t Last.


Given the nature of this offer, we can only onboard a limited number of businesses at this rate. It’s strictly on a first-come, first-serve basis.


So, if you’re serious about harnessing the power of GMB and outshining your competition, there’s no better time than NOW.



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Remember, in the world of business, those who take decisive action are the ones who thrive. Be the visionary. Grab your prime digital real estate.


To your business success,


Joel House

Founder – Xpand Digital