Top Three SEO Tools For Beginners

seo tools

These SEO tools for beginners provide insight into site authority, keyword analysis, competitor’s backlink profile, web page performance on search engines, among other functions.

In addition, SEO tools provide actual data about the overall well-being of your website.

These tools, if used properly, can help identify opportunities for your website and give you direct pointers to the areas where your website appears weak and needs improvement. The application of the recommendation from these tools can increase your visibility to viewers, improve your traffic and properly optimize your website page for search engine results.

How Do I Know Which Tool To Use?

Gratefully, there are tons of Search Engine Optimisation tools out there. The downside to most of these tools, however, is that most of these tools are improper and could cause harm to your website instead of rendering the help you needed in the first place.

What Tools Would We Advise?

Well, we can’t exactly give you straight pointers. There is a wide range of Search Engine Optimisation tools that could work in your favor especially if it’s relevant to your website or it can meet the needs of your website.

One thing you need to understand is that SEO tools all have their place, their strengths, and capabilities. Besides, there is no perfect SEO tool except if it’s perfect based on its ability to meet your website’s needs or if it’s perfect based on your personal preference.

However, let me give you a recommended collection of top SEO tools for beginners that could prove to be very helpful. If used correctly, these tools have great intuition, effectiveness, power and are very reliable. And most importantly, they produce tremendous results.

seo for begginers


Ahrefs is a Search Engine Optimisation tool for backlinks and analysis. They are known to have a large base of live links, a large index, and wonderful speed for updates of indexes.

Ahrefs is constantly known to improve its algorithm in such a way that it provides its customers with fresh data and precise backlinks. This SEO tool also follows new trends and tendencies and makes sure these new findings reflect in the websites it handles.

Ahrefs has a lot of features and handy tools which it currently offers.

1. Site Explorer Feature

This feature helps you to analyze the profile of your website’s backlinks to that of your competitors. This feature is very useful if you want to tour the internet for keywords that are very profitable for organic search results.

2. Content Explorer Feature

This feature helps you to easily find the content for any topic that has been shared the most on social media channels.

3. Keyword Explorer Feature

This feature fetches you all the relevant keywords and proper estimation for organic traffic.

4. Tracking Rank Feature.

This feature gives you an avenue to track rankings for any location either on a desktop or mobile phone. It also gives you daily, weekly, and even monthly audits or reports.

5. Site Auditor-Feature

This feature helps in properly analyzing your website for Search Engine Optimisation issues.

6. Site Alerts-Feature.

This feature gives you on-time notifications Of new backlinks, keyword mentions, lost backlinks, website rankings, and website mentions.

Is Ahrefs Free?

Well, I’ll say yes and no. This is because Ahrefs has an initial free plan known as the Ahrefs webmaster tools. This plan is a free lifetime plan that any website owner can use to follow up their website’s overall health.

There are other paid plans after this free plan. They range from as low as ninety-nine dollars per month to as high as nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars per month. Depends on the user’s preference and needs.

You can look up Ahrefs at

How Safe Is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs has a web rating of about four stars. This is about seventy-five percent safety. And in several reviews, reviewers numbered the pros as far better than the cons.


Due to its excellent interface and easy-to-understand tool suite, Semrush is mostly my ideal go-to tool for Search Engine Optimisation.

Semrush has a total tool suite that enables improvement in a website’s online visibility and finds out the real deal when it comes to market insights. These Search Engine Optimisation reports and features help marketers that work in Search Engine Optimisation, pay per click, competitive research, content creation, content marketing, content insights, and website management.


How Does Semrush work?

Semrush has a method where it uses its machine learning or artificial intelligence algorithms to provide trusted data for databases. Although Semrush employs several methods for putting together different information, high standards and quality are always present.

Semrush uses up-to-date and relevant data sources to always provide correct data in proper ways. In this manner, Semrush is known to present websites with trusted solutions available on the market.

Semrush provides its users with bulk information about domains and uniform resource locators. The more open a user is to available research domains, the easier it is for the user to know and learn what works in a particular location and industry.

In addition to this, Semrush offers gap analyzing report features. This enables a user to perform cross-examination on a website and compare what works for multiple domains all in one goal.

Semrush improves the rankings of domains and their keywords. This means that the more keywords are available to you as a user, the more you get ideas that will enrich your Search Engine Optimisation campaigns. Semrush is known to have the largest keyword database on the keyword market.

Semrush also enables its users to divide their keyword research into segments by using the keyword tool feature. This performs a well-detailed analysis of keywords and helps its users to pick the best keywords that fit their campaigns.

Semrush features examination of live data and other data from history about ranks of domains both in organic search and paid search analytics. These insights are usually very useful to marketers for keyword prediction trends.

Semrush also updates the cycle in which the search engine collects data. This refreshes the database keywords ranking monthly. Through this method, the user knows that the information presented by Semrush is basic, actual, and recent.

Is Semrush Free?

You can use Semrush for free but it’s a free plan that comes with limited functions. When you sign up for Semrush at first, you have the option of starting a seven-day free trial. This trial allows you to test-run each of its tools and give you a proper detailed understanding of how Semrush operates. If you love Semrush, you can then upgrade to the paid plan.

The paid plan comes in three different packages; the Pro plan, the Guru plan, and the Business plan. The Pro plan costs about a hundred and twenty dollars monthly, the Guru plan costs about two hundred and thirty dollars monthly, while the Business plan costs about four hundred and fifty dollars monthly. It still depends on your needs and personal preferences as a user.

How Safe is Semrush?

Based on many online reviews, Semrush has proven to be safe and reliable. Semrush drives organic traffic and is one of the largest and most trustworthy keyword databases on the market.


MOZ is known for Search Engine Optimisation. They even wrote a blog on it. MOZ was first an online community known as SEOMoz where SEO experts shared their ideas, research and inbound marketing. Moz focuses mainly on helping users run successful Search Engine Optimisation campaigns by helping its users target the proper keywords and creating the right reports. MOZ takes away the search Engine Optimisation complexity that users generally face. Moz also has a keyword tracker and explorer that, though simple, contains difficulty metrics to avoid users’ keyboard plagiarism.

What Does MOZ Do Exactly?

1. MOZ tracks its users’ web rankings and accurately provides keyword reviews.

2. MOZ tracks competition and provides insights about searches for its users.

3. MOZ gives its users a holistic picture of how they rank for keywords with its search visibility score.

4. MOZ edits its users’ websites for issues that keep search engines from fully crawling its users’ sites.

5. MOZ gives important notice and alerts about its users’ site issues so that its users can fix them fast.

6. MOZ improves its users’ site page optimization.

7. MOZ improves proprietary metrics with page authority, spam detections, and domain authority.

8. MOZ provides its users with insights into their competitions.

9. MOZ creates custom scheduled reports for its users as to their website’s wellbeing.


MOZ has a thirty-day free trial after which users have to upgrade to the monthly or yearly paid plan. MOZ has four paid packages. The first package is the Standard package which costs about ninety-nine dollars monthly, the second package is the Medium package which costs about a hundred and seventy-nine dollars monthly, the third package is the Large package which costs about two hundred and forty-nine dollars monthly, and finally, the premium package which costs about six hundred dollars.

MOZ offers a twenty percent discount if a user chooses their yearly package.

How Safe Is MOZ?

MOZ is pretty safe. It has an online reviewed rating of 4.5 stars. MOZ has a nice and decent software with a well-to-do community that offers users general healthy well-being.

To Wrap Up

These Search Engine Optimisation tools all have their peculiarities and detailed services which they offer. None is above the other except about the user’s personal preferences and needs. Search Engine Optimisation tools make Search Engine Optimisation easier and better. Now you’ve heard of a few, which would you prefer as a User?

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