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Are you looking for local SEO services on the Sunshine Coast that deliver revenue shifting results?

Do you want to work with a Sunshine Coast SEO Company that looks beyond rankings, keyword rankings, and approaches your business growth holistically?

Are you ready for advanced SEO Sunshine Coast that will truly move the needle?

If so, then you are in the right place. Here at Xpand Digital Sunshine Coast, we craft each SEO services campaign to suit your business, and to put you in front of your ideal audience so you generate more leads & sales.

Don’t believe us? How did you get to this page? You typed in a search phrase such as ‘SEO Sunshine Coast’ or ‘SEO Agency Sunshine Coast’ and now you are here, a qualified lead, ready to contact us about our services. Now imagine if your customers found you in the same way…How would that impact your business?

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Every SEO technique that will be done on your site is 100% safe. No cutting corners and No blackhat techniques. Every SEO technique that is used on your site we, the SEO Sunshine Coast Experts have tested extensively on our R&D test sites to ensure its effectiveness and safety. I’ve even used the exact same strategy you get, to rank this site.

We are your partner in digital marketing growth. So whether you have a question, problem to resolve or simply need an update we are here for you. We aren’t a faceless organisation where you get passed around. You’ll get to know the SEO team.

We belong to advanced and exclusive mastermind groups in Sunshine Coast that include the worlds best SEOs. We discuss strategy, whats working right now and what to move away from. We make it a priority to stay on the cutting edge of our industry and you (and your bank balance) benefit from that knowledge on how the search engines are working at any moment.

If you’re reading this then chances are you were looking for a firm to help you rank in search engines like Google, and you came across this page by the power of Search Engine Optimisation. Not only SEO Sunshine Coast is one of the most competitive terms in the country, but every SEO company in the area is also competing for this very term.

So if we can beat them all and have you land on this page, just imagine what we can do for your business?

Imagine being able to out-rank and dominate your competition. To have your phone ring whenever someone looks for your services online, not your competitors. This kind of automated lead system truly turns your business into a revenue-generating machine.

Let us give you the very same blueprints that we’ve used to rank countless other businesses. Whether you are looking for local Sunshine Coast SEO, or you are looking to overtake the online eCommerce business SEO space worldwide, we can help you achieve it.

3-Step Action Plan

For every search engine optimization services campaign, every business and every client we work
We the local SEO Sunshine Coast experts work through three steps in order to
ensure you get the revenue-shifting results that you are after.

It’s impossible to hit your goals unless you know where you truly are starting on the map. Before we work with any website or business, we first undertake a deep assessment of where you currently are. Our Search Engine Optimisation Team on the Sunshine Coast will go through your website, current digital marketing & goals with a fine tooth comb so us, and you, know exactly where you are, so we can take you to where you want to go.

Once we know the lay of the land, and what you want to achieve, our strategy team will then carefully plan out the road to getting you there. This will include a multi-channel marketing plan to stabilise and accelerate your results, where 1 + 1 + 1 truely equals 10!

Once you have joined our tight knit family, and we are working together, we’ll then ferociously execute upon the strategy. We take no prisoners and pull no punches when it comes to getting results. Execution is an on-going process, and not something where it is complete in 3-months and then you’re done. We are partners in your SEO growth and SEO Sunshine Coast success for the long term.

If you’d like to speak with our team and start Xpanding your business today, book a call below.

What does Xpand Digital Stand For:

Our Mission Is To Deliver Real Revenue Shifting Results For Businesses Across Sunshine Coast and Australia. We Don’t Just Talk A Big Game, We Focus On Getting Things Done, And Let The Data And Results Talk For Themselves. Our Primary Focus Is To Provide Xplosive Growth To Your Business Via Your Adwords Campaigns, That You Can Feel On Your Bottom Line.

Results That Matter

You can find numbers to support any story you want told, but when it comes to digital marketing service and SEO, there are only a few numbers that we believe truly matter. These are Total exposure, Total Traffic, Total leads, Total Sales (if in eCommerce) and ultimately, Return On Investment. Any other metric is merely a precursor to one of these 4 happening, and doesn’t carry much weight to the true success of a campaign.


We don’t work for our clients, we partner with them to hit their goals. Just as in any other relationship, honesty is essential. This is why if we stuff something up, we will tell you. If something isn’t going right, you’ll be the first to know. And when things are crushing it (What happens 95% of the time), we’ll be celebrating with you.

Going 100%

The digital landscape is changing faster than ever, and in most forms of digital marketing we are at the mercy of algorithm’s and shifts by the tech giants. Because we don’t have total control, we unfortunately cannot guarantee success every time. What we can guarantee is that we give each and every client 100% of our SEO efforts, focus, thinking power and passion. We don’t back down from a fight, and we go in to bat for all clients with everything we have.

No Jargon, Just Results… Using time tested search engine optimisation strategies

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Frequently Asked Questions

To say digital marketing and search engine optimisation are important is understatement of the century! Suppose you are using any kind of digital marketing to get more sales. In that case, website visitors, leads, more traffic and online business revenue, and search engine optimisation will help you unlock the door to your marketing goals.
In 2021 and beyond, in our opinion, if you are an eCommerce or local business, there really isn’t an option but to have a personally tailored digital marketing & successful SEO Strategy for your business.
Here are some SEO statistics from Google that will blow your mind:
● 76% of people who search on their smartphones for something nearby visit a business within a day.
● 28% of searches for something nearby result in a purchase.
● 54% of smartphone users search for business hours and 53% search for directions to a local store.
● Where to buy” + “near me” mobile queries have grown by over 200% from 2017–2019.

● Mobile searches for “store open near me” (e.g., “grocery store open near me”) have grown by over 250% from 2017–2019.

Xpand Digital Sunshine Coast has been in the SEO services and online marketing space for over 6 years and has helped hundreds of small businesses achieve significant growth through search engine optimization (SEO). Also Our team of SEO specialists knows all the ins and outs of SEO.

To read more about our business click here.

To see our amazing case studies click here.

How much does SEO cost? The cost of SEO campaigns always tends to vary depending on which agency you speak to and how many resources you’re willing to invest in your campaign. Knowing exactly how much to spend on SEO services will allow you to understand how much competition you’re up against in your industry, as well as providing you with insight on what type of results to expect compared to your campaign budget.

At Xpand Digital SEO company, we use a proprietary formula based on a wide range of metrics to ensure success for your search engine optimisation campaign and your business. One of the main factors we consider is how much competition and what level of investment you need in your campaign in order to get the results you’re after. As your SEO Services Company its important that we have the budget and resources needed to get you the result you are after.

No we are not the cheapest Sunshine Coast seo agency, and we won’t ever be. We are focussed on delivering world class results, and are considered the best SEO Agency in the region. We have only achieved this status by ensuring we give each and every client the time, attention and quality workmanship required to drive real results.

If you are focussing on finding the cheapest search engine optimisation company, then put simply you won’t get the results you are after, and you may even end up with more damage than good.

Search engine optimisation SEO requires an immense amount of time, and resources to get right. The less you pay, the less time and effort your agency is able to dedicate to your campaign, resulting in lackluster results. Sure, its possible to get some quick wins by ranking for some keywords that no one searches for, but if you want exposure to the terms you ideal customers are searching for, these are competitive and require work to rank for. As your trusted provider of seo services sunshine coast we will guide you towards the investment levels needed to generate different levels of results. Sadly there is no exact science in how to deliver guaranteed shifts in the search engines because Google shifts its rules all the time, we do try our best and lean on experience from over 8 years of search engine optimisation seo.

While each marketing channel may have it’s own strengths and weaknesses, local SEO Sunshine Coast is a class above the rest when it comes to getting traffic to your website and customers as cheaply as possible. The 1st position on page 1 of google gets around 30% of all search traffic for a query on average, the 2nd position gets around 15% and the 3rd position around 7.5%. The bottom of page one receives about 0.25% of the search traffic. Having a large amount of traffic on your site compared to your competition, will set your business apart and ensure business growth long term and position capital recruit in a position of dominance in the market place.

Research shows that compared to other methods of generating traffic to your website and  leads, SEO provides the cheapest cost per lead when in a dominant position in search results. Search Engine Journal reports that inbound leads close at a rate 7x that of outbound lead generation methods. Meaning that you can get more leads at a cheaper rate with less work.

Aside from lead generation and getting traffic to your website, SEO serves a branding purpose as well. Having your website listed at the top of the search engine results page will create the effect and appearance that your business is the ‘go-to’ in the industry. Meaning that customers will have more trust in your brand, leading to higher conversion rates and a multiplier effect through word of mouth.

All in all, search engine optimisation is a crucial building block that is important to achieving dominance in any industry, getting traffic to your website, helping grow your business and working alongside other channels and methods of lead generation and awareness building such as search engine marketing. SEO will allow you to lower the costs of other advertising channels, as well as create a new stream of lead generation.

A lot of the terminology and jargon around SEO tends to be confusing. SEO evolved from the world of web development and software development, and a lot of the terminology evolved with it. We take the time to ensure that everything to do with your campaign is easy to understand and to the point. Small business owners are busy, so we don’t overcomplicate things.

As leading SEO Sunshine Coast Company, our job is to help simplify what search engine optimisation is, how it works and how it will help your business. Think of us as your guide to understanding seo services.

The core to remember is that local SEO campaign is all about growing your website traffic by using search engine optimization SEO to increase your visibility as a part of your marketing strategy.

SEO is typically considered a medium to long term investment. While it’s often very difficult to judge an exact timeframe  to a specific website, over the past couple years of widely successful campaigns, our SEO Experts and SEO consultant have developed a multi-varied scientific formula and seo strategy that allows us to keep results in search engine results pages to a reasonably consistent time frame. What we typically see in the first 3 months of your campaign is that Google and search engines will notice the SEO services campaign strategy we implement and therefore see a bump in rankings in search engine results pages. At months 6-7, we typically see you generating enough traffic and leads via the website to be ROI positive on the campaign.

By month 12-14, that’s when you’ll see the most amount of growth in your campaign, often ROI is several times higher by this stage due to the increased traffic and leads. The reason why it takes 12 months to reach strong results of your campaign is due to the way Google sets rules about how it ranks websites. Google’s job is to make sure that the websites that show up when you enter a search are relevant, useful, trusted, and provide a great search experience, and the job of our SEO experts and seo consultant is to help provide you a quality SEO services.

Bottom line, Google will identify if someone is trying to game the system in search engine results with SEO, and penalise that website so fewer people see it. While we, the SEO company will always want to make sure we get the first page results as quickly as possible for our partners, we must play by the rules dictated by Google’s algorithm. That way, we can lower the risk of a negative event occurring, while also ensuring you get the results you deserve from your search engine strategy.

An Search Engine Optimisation campaign is the process of adapting a website to be relevant and trustworthy for a search term. This happens in two parts. The first part, called On-Site SEO strategy, is all about content. Google’s algorithm rewards website content that helps the reader answer their question or assist in finding what they’re after. Google’s uses artificial intelligence to scan website content to judge trustworthiness and accuracy. We specialise in ensuring that your content is positioned to ensure results for your campaign and your business. The second stage of SEO services, called Off-Page, is what makes us the best Sunshine Coast SEO services, is all about authority through backlinks. You can buy high quality backlinks, which high topic and niche relevance, loads of power and high domain authority.

A backlink is when one website links to another. Commonly you’ll find these connections in news articles that may link to another news piece. Almost every website on the internet has backlinks coming in and going out.

Google’s algorithm works to identify these relations between websites, and then to assess how trustworthy those SEO websites are.

The last thing that anyone wants is a bunch of spam websites showing up on the first page of Google, so Google ensures that this isn’t the case by sorting through each website and giving it a domain authority score, which indicates how trustworthy a site is which is a crucial part of a Sunshine Coast SEO campaign.

The more trustworthy websites that link to you that are relevant to your customers, the higher you’ll rank for what you provide. Within that basic process of your search engine optimisation campaign and gaining backlinks lie over 250 different factors that search engines considers when determining where to rank a website. We ensure that your website is optimal in all of these factors to provide your business with the results that you expect from the best engine optimisation sunshine coast agency.

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